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Find a job in L.A. before moving

From personal experience I realized that living in today’s world means living fast and being flexible. Good time-management and knowing things ahead can mean a lot of help in future. And to find a job in a new city can prove to be quite difficult. While our career choice can sometimes open doors in other cities, it does not hurt to do a couple of things before moving to Los Angeles just to get a head start after arriving.

Located on the West Coast of the U.S, Los Angeles is one of the major cities with a lot of job opportunities. Knowing that, you can only imagine what kind of life people have been leading there, while you were sitting cozy in your small hometown. But that does not have to be so bad. Just consider that there are a lot of advantages of living in Los Angeles. And after all, that cozy life can sometimes be boring, and you decide to test your luck, move to L.A, find a job and start a career there.

What to do before moving to L.A. and go job hunting?

Searching for jobs anywhere can be a time consuming experience often leading to not getting a job at all. Mostly because you decided to blindly try it and, sadly, fail. So, here is some advice on what to do before moving to L.A and go job hunting.

Job Search, Find a job
Finding a job can be difficult

Finding a new place to stay before moving to L.A.

While trying to find a job, you will be asked to do interviews, often in odd time’s. You won’t often be able to just buy a ticket and fly over a whole country just to “maybe” get a job. That’s why your first step is to make sure you found a place to live, either being a:

  • friend’s
  • partner’s
  • or relative’s place

It is not uncommon that employers prefer local candidates over those who currently live in a different city, let alone state. Be sure to mention this to your potential employer in your cover letter. That way he will know you are planning to move to a given address, and that you are determined and motivated.

Make your motives clear and precise

You decided to move on from your old life, pack your bags and just relocate to Los Angeles. You have your motives clear for yourself, but, can you make them clear enough for the people around you? In your transitional period everyone you know: your partner, parents, neighbor, even that barista at your local coffee shop will ask the same question. Why?

So be ready to tell the same thing over and over again to them. Just to make it easier to yourself, be concise, as if you are telling that to your employer. And always be enthusiastic about it.

There are certain guidelines when going for a job interview. To find a job, it does not hurt to know how to behave in the interviews. In the video below you can see some of the tips and tricks that will help you in your job interviews.


Start making contacts to help you find a job

In this day and age, it is very important to build up your networking.  Connections are everything today. This can prove to be very helpful when you go out and try to find a job in L.A. Even that local barista can know someone who knows someone who might just need someone like you for a job they offer.So, before moving to Los Angeles, be sure to polish any web profile you have: Linkedin, Upwork, Facebook, etc.

Find a job, contacts
Contacts are important in finding a job

Update your resume if you want to find a job easier

As with job interviews and your web profiles, your resume needs updating. Here are some tips on what to do with your resume:

  • Check your resume’s format and esthetics. Your employer’s first impression depends on it. Avoid clusters and too much information, it will just bore them.
  • Be precise and concise! That way, the employer will know about your ambitions without getting into too much details.
  • When talking about your education, start from the highest degree you have. An employer does not want to know what elementary school you went to, or what you did when you were 14 when they look at your resume.
  • Same goes with experience and accomplishments. Start with the biggest ones and don’t forget to present them in scales and numbers, if you can.
  • Clusters are a big NO! It is psychologically proven that too-clustered writings can make you tired and bored while reading. And trust me, your resume is not the first nor the last your potential employer reads.
  • Do not repeat all the information in your resume! If you are called for a live interview, they don’t need to hear all that information again, they already read it. You can, however, mention again your biggest accomplishments.
  • Try to put it on one page. Yes, it may look “poor” but, yet again, you will fill it then with the most important information.

Know what kind of job you are searching for

Although any job is better than no job at all, you can’t rely always on doing “anything” that is just underpaid for Los Angeles standards. But, on the other hand, Los Angeles is a city of media industry, so you will have a lot of part-time jobs. Some of them can be jobs in office like tutoring or script reading.  Los Angeles is very busy city, so there will always be a lack of babysitters, homecare, and pet-sittings. Not to mention working in food industry, and if you have your driver’s license you can also work as a taxi or Uber driver.

Staffing agencies are a good way to find a job

job interview find a job
Enthusiasm can help in landing a job

Staffing agencies are a sure way to save time while you search for a job in Los Angeles. Deliver your resumes to them while you are job hunting yourself. These are some top staffing agencies, according to Yelp:

  • R. Berry Search Group
  • Inside Recruiter
  • Accountemps
  • Workbridge Associates
  • Bennett Gaynor Sustainable Staffing
  • Devolution Solutions
  • The Creative Group
  • The Perfect Placement
  • Career Strategies
  • AppleOne Employment Services

Starting from zero and in new environment can be stressful and tiring. But, if you follow these little tips, you will save a lot of time and significantly raise your chances of landing a job in Los Angeles. And all this even before moving to the City of Angels.

I hope this article helped you a lot. Please share with us your experiences!

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