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California corporate relocation checklist

A corporate relocation impacts your employees as well as your business. It doesn’t matter where you’re moving offices, you need to prepare. Proper planning is the key to a successful relocation. When planning a corporate move, there are many different needs to balance. For example, organize your business’ schedule and downtime. Furthermore, think about the cost of the relocation and the comfort of your employees. A solid plan will help you reduce the stress involved in the whole process. Here’s a corporate relocation checklist of tips to help you prepare for the upcoming relocation. Also, following a checklist will make your corporate relocation more stress-free.

Announcing the move is the first item on your corporate relocation checklist

When you know the basic details of your corporate move set a meeting. Discuss the move with your employees. For example, give them the general data and location, and which employees you will relocate. If you delay the announcement, rumors of the relocation will spread like wildfire. Furthermore, your employees will worry about what they don’t know. They’ll start to wonder whether they’ll lose their jobs. They even might stress about the situation unnecessarily. It’s better to discuss the details on time. This way your employees can prepare for moving to a new location. Additionally, psychological studies show that being properly informed can notably reduce any negative impact.

People sitting at the table
Set a meeting to discuss the upcoming relocation

Compensate your employees

Your corporate move will require some of your employees to relocate to a new location. If the employee is worth relocation, he or she is worth fair compensation. So, another item on your corporate relocation checklist should be to offer relocation packages to those employees. The knowledge that their relocation expenses will be covered will help to deal with moving stress. Also, they will feel appreciated and worthy so you won’t see any drop in their performance. It may even increase.

Young woman celebrating at the computer.
Compensate your employees and they’ll feel more appreciated

Hire a moving company

Relocation your office is a task you’ll need some help with. Who better to provide the help that experienced professional movers? Finding a moving company should definitely be an item on your corporate relocation checklist. Hire California movers to relocate your business and you’ll be amazed how smoothly the process will go. And you’ll have fewer things to worry about.

Professional movers will assist your company with packing up the office and all of the equipment. Furthermore, they can organize transport to a new location. Also, they’ll unpack everything once it arrives. All you need to do is provide them with the right information. For example, move date, origin and destination addresses, and travel plans are the most important information your movers will need.

Additionally, make sure to inform your movers, as soon as possible, if any details change. They’ll need new information so they can adjust their plan and schedule. Good communication is just as important as a good plan.

Corporate office space.
Hire professional movers to pack and relocate your office

Plan for times when someone should be present

Even though the moving company will handle all the heavy lifting, someone from the company should be present. Perhaps they’ll need some more directions when they arrive at the new location. So, add an item to your corporate relocation checklist to select who’s going to be in charge. Furthermore, it doesn’t need to be just one person. For example, select a team of managers to help coordinate the move. Also, they can serve as the first contact for mover and other employees with any questions or concerns. These designated employees could be department heads.

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