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Best LA neighborhoods for millennials

Millennials tend to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle and love green initiatives, which makes LA the perfect place from them. They prefer traveling or enjoying their hobbies than living in a luxurious big home. They are happier with the small studio apartment in the center of happenings that with a house with a yard in the suburb. The ideal LA neighborhoods for millennials are the areas that have a lot of parks, plenty of activities, decent nightlife and diverse, open-minded neighbors. And to find such a perfect place which ticks all the boxes, a millennial will probably need some help from an experienced moving company operating in the LA area which knows the area.

First of all – who are the millennials?

You heard the expression millennials multiple times, but you are maybe confused to what it means exactly. It’s a common mistake for people to think that millennials are the generation born after the new millennium. While it may be logical, it’s not accurate.
The millennials are the generations born from 1981 to 2001.
They are divided into two groups:

  • Generation Y – people born between 1981-1991
  • Generation Z – born between 1991-2001

The common ground and, at the same time, the biggest difference between these two groups is technology.
While in the time of the Generation Y many technological advances have been made, you will rarely hear that someone from that group define itself like millennial. the theory and proper definition are one thing, but the reality is totally different.
Generation Y has enjoyed many perks of technology while growing up, but the Generation Z is relying on it in every aspect of their lives.
That is why many consider the true millennials ones that are born between 1991-2001.

Misconceptions about millennials

There are many misconceptions about millennials. The most common is that they are spoiled, selfish, unmotivated, and depended. That can’t be further from the truth.
They have clear goals and the plan to achieve them. Since they are exposed to the internet from a young age, they are more eager to learn and evolve. That is why they are quickly changing career paths and branches. They are the leading force of the technology industry and understand the importance of good education. That’s why millennials are the new young professionals seeking opportunities in every corner. They will often move for the job and deal with moving stress much easier.
They are the wave of the new young professionals, and they are becoming a powerful force on the real estate market. Not just for renting, but also for buying properties.

What are they looking for?

  • Great job opportunities
  • Tech conscious environment
  • Plenty of activities
  • Good nightlife
  • Healthy living
 Best LA neighborhoods for millennials are the ones that are diverse.
When it comes to choosing one of the LA neighborhoods, the perfect city area has to have more than a great wi-fi connection.

What type of LA neighborhoods millennials are looking for?

When it comes to choosing the perfect place to live in, we can say that millennials want it all. They will work hard, but they also want to have some fun. That’s why good entertainment is very important to them.
There are many great cities for young professionals in California, but the millennials prefer Los Angeles.

The millennials seek from the LA neighborhoods following features:

  • A solid job market with plenty of opportunities
  • Low cost of living
  • Diverse environment
  • Pet-friendly environment
  • Good public transportation
  • Plenty of healthy food options
  • Great entertainment options
  • The abundance of outdoor activities
LA neighborhoods for millennials has to have many features to be even considered.
Millennials are pickier when choosing the perfect place to live in than it seems to be.

The best LA neighborhoods for millennials – TOP 3

While the Big Apple is the center of the millennials interests, many are moving from NYC to LA in the search for a more fulfilling life. Los Angeles is famous for its green initiatives, leisure lifestyle, and great climate. Since the living costs are the same or lower compared to other similar cities, and the quality of life is higher, no wonder why many choose to relocate right here.


A decade ago, Palms neighborhood was unrecognizable. It was famous as the shady part of the town. These days, it has a totally different appearance.
Due to new developments such as the Metro Expo Line, Downtown Culver, and many upscale restaurants, Palms has become one of the favorite LA neighborhoods for millennials.
They are drawn here because it has a great location and its very good connection to the other areas of the cities.

Relatively easy commute and plenty of entertainment options are just one of the reasons why many choose this neighboorhood as a new home. It is also very walkable, green, bike and pet-friendly, which are one of the main characteristics that millennials seek.  Especially the ones that don’t like driving.
Palms is also in close proximity to Downtown Culver, that is always bustling of activities. Plenty of eateries and entertainment amenities make this neighborhood perfect for millennials and young professionals.

Los Feliz

Los Feliz is a neighboorhood that shows what living in California is all about. It is a magnet for millennials because it is fancy, welcoming and reasonably affordable.
Los Feliz is the Mecca for house flippers, but also for ones who like living in the nicer, safer areas, with many entertainment options.  It is famous for its mom-and-pop thrift stores, artisanal restaurants, weekly swap meets and tropical bars that provide great nightlife.
One of its many advantages is also its proximity to Griffith Park, which is considered one of LA’s top attractions.
Los Feliz is one of the most popular LA neighborhoods for millennials, young families and young professionals.

Los Feliz is one of the most popular LA neighborhoods for millennials.
Griffith Park is one of the most popular Los Angeles attraction.


If you are a millennial seeking a quieter community, then the  Sawtelle is the perfect place for you.
Its residents are mostly professionals, who like a peaceful setting with great entertainment options in the reach of their hand. Sawtelle has small-town charm, which makes everybody feel welcome.
While it has the vibe of the smaller place, this neighborhood is anything but boring. It has endless dining and bar options on Sawtelle Boulevard which are very affordable for both students and successful professionals.
Sawtelle provides the same opportunities as the surrounding neighborhoods Brentwood and Santa Monica, but without their high price tag. It has a great connection to the other Westside districts and many local staples that offer something for everyone’s taste. With all these perks, it’s no wonder why Sawtelle is one of the best LA neighborhoods for millennials.

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