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Benefits of moving from a house to an apartment in LA

Los Angeles is considered to be the entertainment capital of the world.  If you spend most of your free time maintaining your big house, the chances are that you will miss out on the fun. Thus, do you think that moving from a house to an apartment is a good decision in LA? Essentially, you would be trading quantity for quality! Here are some benefits of such a choice.

Living in an apartment is so much cheaper!

There are so many hidden costs that you as a house owner now know about. But, do you remember the time when you bought your first house? You were probably prepared to pay the mortgage but were you familiar with all the costs of landscaping, fixing and commuting? All those expenses are water under the bridge for you now. Let’s take a look at your future utility bills.

Even if your mortgage remains the same, your budget will be healthier

It often happens that your new monthly rent is equal to what you are paying for your house. However, when it comes to paying the bills, that is where you will feel the difference. An apartment is easier to cool and heat so your electricity bills will drop. Since you no longer have to water the lawn and the garden, your water bill will be considerably lower. You will save an enormous amount of money on landscaping services. Moreover, you can forget about irrigation issues, as well as pest and weeds control. Just think about the property taxes you won’t have to pay anymore!

Sometimes, there are services and additional amenities that your landlords have already included in your rent. It often happens that waste management and water bills are built in rent, as well as the cost of the fixes. You should inform yourself about the specifics of the community life in your new neighborhood. If you are lucky, you might end up in a community where the swimming pools and sports courts are free of charge for the people living in the apartment complex.


a lawnmower on the grass - something a person doesn't need after moving from a house to an apartment
Lawnmowing services can be quite expensive.

Downsizing can be so liberating

There are so many things that you need to do prior to your move, but you will be happy with the result eventually. First things first – you need to properly organize your move! Downsizing means not only changing the size of your residence but also lowering the number of items you are going to bring with you. A useful piece of advice is to declutter before moving from a house to an apartment. Choose what you want to move to your new place. You will have to be practical. Bring only the stuff you really use or the items that have great emotional value.

What to do with the things you no longer need nor want?

Obviously, you cannot take all your possessions with you. You will have to make categories such as:

  • The things that you will move to your new place.
  • The stuff you really do not use anymore – If they are in good condition and can be of any use to anybody, you should give them away. If they are useless, recycle or throw them away.
  • Possessions that you won’t be taking when you move from your house to an apartment but are still precious to you – There are storage solutions for this purpose. You can even store some big pieces of furniture there if you think you might move to a bigger apartment one day or a house again.
A room full of old items that have to be sorted out before moving from a house to an apartment
Make sure you declutter before you start packing.

Ask for help when you need it

If you are too busy or tired to do all the work by yourself maybe you need Assisted Moving services. The stress that comes with any moving can be overwhelming for anyone, let alone for our senior citizens. There are companies in LA which specialize in providing the services that they need.

Moving from a house to an apartment will leave you with more time to spare

Can you imagine the amount of free time you will have after moving to an apartment? Having fewer items in your household means fewer things to maintain and clean. Families living in big houses often spend their entire weekends just cleaning the house. Or they spend a fortune paying somebody else to do it. When you move from a house to an apartment, your chores will probably be cut in half. The time you would spend on cleaning the gutter or sweeping the leaves can be better spent with friends and family.

A smaller place to live in also means a smaller place to decorate and renovate. Naturally, if you start with less material possessions, the number of stuff that can break will be smaller. You will no longer have to waste your free time on fixes.

Your new place will probably be closer to your work

Residential houses are usually far away from the LA business area. People often spend hours commuting every day. One of the benefits of moving from a house to an apartment is that you will have so much more time to spend on outdoor activities than you used to. Instead of driving you could be walking to work which is beneficial to your health too.

Cars driving towards LA downtown
Commuting is such a waste of your precious time.

Living in an apartment is often safer than living in a house

Residential buildings in LA have a high level of security. Thanks to alarm systems, cameras and guards in your building you will be able to relax and not worry about your safety. Plus, you won’t be bothered by choosing the systems since they already come with the cost of renting.

It is easier to make a change once you move from a house to an apartment

Finally, if you decide to change an apartment or go back to owning a house, you can do it easily! After all, finding an apartment in a desirable location is always easier than finding a new house where you like it. Moving from a house to an apartment means less commitment and we all need that from time to time.

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