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Benefits of moving from Brooklyn to California

So you`ve made a decision to change something in your life and move from Brooklyn to California. You`ve looked into the best Brooklyn specialists for long distance moves, you have set your moving date and you feel ready to go. Good for you! As we all already know it, New York and California are apples and oranges. We could talk about the differences between these two states for days. However, let`s focus on one thing in particular for now, and talk about the many, many benefits when moving from Brooklyn to California.

The Hollywood sign.
Welcome to California – a place where all of your dreams can come true.

The cost of living will significantly change after moving from Brooklyn to California

As of right now, you have been living in one of the world`s most expensive cities. And maybe your first association to California has been spacious, luxurious, beach-side mansions. While this may be true for neighborhoods such as Bel Air or Beverly Hills, the truth is that California is much more affordable than New York. In our opinion, that makes this fact a number one benefit when relocating from Brooklyn to California! Let`s take a closer look at average rental prices, just so you could get a clear picture of how affordable both of these desirable places are.

Average rent in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is an up-and-coming neighborhood, and it is safe to say that it is becoming one of the most expensive ones in New York. Depending on where in Brooklyn you decide to live, expect to pay at least 2 000 dollars for a one bedroom apartment. And keep in mind that the prices in Brooklyn have skyrocketed since last year, so you can expect this amount to keep on rising in the years to come. And now let`s see what you can get for the same money after moving from Brooklyn to California.

Average rent in California

Depending on where in California you decide to move, the cost will vary. Here is the good news, though. A relatively spacious one bedroom apartment in a downtown city in California will cost you around 1 600 dollars per month! And imagine what the price will be if you decide to live outside of the city center. So to recap. By moving from Brooklyn to California you get to save at least 500 dollars a month on rent, while at the same time living in a more spacious place. Count me in!

The only pricey thing when moving from Brooklyn to California can be furniture transportation. The best thing for you do to is get informed on how to get precise moving quotes in Brooklyn, so that you have a clear idea about how much money you need to save up ahead of time.

An interior of an apartment will be more spacious after moving from Brooklyn to California.
You will get your money`s worth when it comes to rental prices after moving from Brooklyn to California!

The climate will drastically change after moving from Brooklyn to California

Talking about the California weather, one cannot help but think about paradise. If you are moving from New York to California, you might want to pack light. Depending on the exact city and area in California you choose, the chances are you won`t need your boots and winter jackets. Here is a short breakdown of different areas, and therefore different weather conditions:

  • Central Coast: mild temperatures year-round with occasional fog.
  • Central Valley: summers with long heatwaves and very mild winters.
  • Los Angeles: temperatures rarely go below 60 degrees, with very wet winters.
  • San Diego: considered as perfect in terms of weather conditions. Year-round summer and high temperatures, with only a little rain during the winter.
  • San Francisco Bay Area: average summer and winter temperatures, with lots of fog from May through July.
  • The High Sierras: the one that probably takes the least getting used to after moving from Brooklyn to California. Summers can be warm and dry, but there is also a lot of snow during the winter.

So, if you are not a fan of usually endless summers, then California is not the right place for you. But let`s be honest, who doesn`t love basking in the glorious sun?

Cocktail in a jar.
If you enjoy sipping cocktails on the beach, you have just found your new paradise!

The transportation vehicle of choice will completely change (for the better)

We all very well know that New York has probably the best subway system around. Just as it should since there is almost no way of getting around NY in a car. On the other hand, in California, you can easily go from point A to point B in the comfort of your own car. Sure, the roads in Cali get super crowded. But wouldn`t you rather sit in your car while listening to your favorite CD and drinking some liquid of choice than cram in with dozens of other people in the subway? Thought so.

If you are moving between Brooklyn and California, one thing to keep in mind is the timing. More precisely, the time of the day in which you want to transport your things. Because California is a state where cars are the primary transportation vehicles, the roads tend to get extremely jammed. If you want to avoid jams, do your best to time your drive so that you hit the highways between 9 AM and 3 PM. And it goes without saying that you should, by all means, avoid traveling on weekends and during the holidays.


As you can probably conclude by now, there are so many advantages of living in LA, and California in general. A lot of things in your life will change for the better when moving from Brooklyn to California. We mentioned just a couple of them, however, there are so many more. In fact, we could write for ages and still not be able to list all of the benefits. Which is why you are in for a wild ride. Enjoy your wonderful new life of sunny days, cocktails on the beach and celebrities dining in the same restaurant as you, because California is everything you ever imagined it to be.

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