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Avoid common mistakes when moving an art collection

Most people know how to relocate. They know that they need to get some boxes, properly prepare them for moving and hand them over to a trusted mover. But, as it turns out, what most people don’t know is how to move an art collection. The funny thing is that it is precisely because they know how to move regular items, that they don’t know what moving art collection is all about. If you approach moving an art collection in the same way that you move regular items you are bound to fail. And, in a quite costly manner. So, let us see how to avoid common mistakes when moving an art collection so that yours will remain in pristine condition.

Prepare in order to avoid mistakes when moving an art collection

The best way to avoid mistakes when moving an art collection is to prepare properly. As you will soon realize, moving an art collection is a bit trickier than moving regular items. You need to prepare properly and get top-notch packing supplies in order to move art. The reason for that is simply due to the fact that art is fragile and expensive. So, any blunder or oversight on your part can end up costing you a lot of money. And, if you made one of the bigger mistakes when moving an art collection, and forgot to get special moving insurance, then you are in for a world of trouble. So, here is what you need to do.

Art insurance

Let’s get the biggest mistake out of the way first. Do not dream about moving an art collection without getting proper moving insurance. We are not talking here about your standard moving insurance. It will not come close to covering a remotely expensive piece of art. What you need to do is to contact an insurance company and get special insurance for your art. Only then will you get a reasonable sum if something happens. And, when it comes to moving, trust in Murphy’s law. If you don’t get insurance something will happen.

A person getting art insurance and avoiding one of the more common mistakes when moving an art collection.
One of the more common mistakes when moving an art collection is to not get moving insurance.

Getting packing supplies

No relocation is possible without packing supplies. Good quality packing supplies both help protect fine art during the move and make managing it easy. Well, this is why it is paramount that you get top-notch packing supplies for moving an art collection. And, why one of the most common mistakes when moving an art collection is to use cheap, unreliable ones. So, where to get good packing supplies? Simply head on down to your local mover or to a DIY store. There you will find all the packing supplies that you might need. Rember to only get the ones that are perfectly sized for your art. Anything else is bound to risk your entire relocation.


Once you have your packing supplies ready you will need to prepare delicate items for relocation. Now, the important thing to remember is that packing is the first and the last line of defense for your artwork. It needs to protect it from both physical harms and from exposure to natures elements. So, when you pack, remember to do so carefully. Put both padding and wrapping materials on your art and make sure that it doesn’t move. Then you need to place each piece of art into an individual box.

An artistic statue.
Carefully consider which boxes you are going to use for heavy statues.

The box needs to be large enough to contain both the item and the necessary padding and wrapping. But, it also needs to be small enough so that the item doesn’t move around during transport. So, just like the Goldilocks, you are looking for the one that is just right. If you are not sure how to approach packing something, you can visit sites like and learn all you need about packing. Also, don’t forget that plastic containers are also an option. Just because you are using boxes doesn’t mean that they have to be made out of cardboard.

Find the right movers to help you

Now that you have your items packed you simply need to rent a moving truck and load them in, right? Wrong. Another one of the more common mistakes when moving an art collection is to try to transport them on your own. No matter what the truck rental companies might tell you, driving a moving truck is not easy. You need to have the skills and knowledge that few people outside the moving industry do, in order to move art. So, your best course of action is to find movers to move your art for you.

Start online

You need to start your research online. Look for movers that have experience in moving art. You can contact local galleries and see who they recommend for art transport. Then you need to look up the recommended movers online and see what reviews they have. You cannot risk working with subpar movers when it comes to moving art. If you want your art to remain safe you can only let the most competent movers handle it. Do not risk damaging a priceless piece of art simply because some mover offered you a slightly better deal.

Art gallery.
Contact your local galleries and ask them to recommend an art mover.

Look locally

But, let us not kid ourselves, you do not want to spend a fortune on moving art. And the best way to save is to find cost-effective movers. So, how should you go about doing so? Simple. Look for local movers. Local movers will always be cheaper than the ones that are further away from you. This is simply due to the fact that it takes local movers much less time and fuel to transport you. Therefore they can afford to charge you less while maintaining their quality of service. So, if you want to a safe and cheap relocation, find local movers to help you out.


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