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5 Things No One Told You About Moving from NYC to LA

Are you planning on moving from NYC to LA? Well, that is great news. Los Angeles really does have a lot to offer. And, you can actually see a lot of people moving from NYC to LA for many reasons. For example – more job opportunities, better working conditions, lower cost of living, bigger apartments and so on. And, what is more, the entertainment is just as great. So, if you plan on moving soon, do not think much. But, before you start packing your bags, take a moment to read about the five things no one told you about moving from NYC to LA. These may help you prepare for this adventure.

1. You Will Need a Car

If you lived in New York for a long time, you probably got used to public transportation. Well, of course, it is more convenient. In New York, you have the subway, buses, and trains almost everywhere. So, using public transportation is just easier. But, in Los Angeles, the situation is not the same. You will soon realize that you will have to drive everywhere. Even to the store. As a true New Yorker, you are probably asking yourself now – why would I spend so much money on gas and car insurance when I can just buy a metro ticket? Well, you cannot, unfortunately. Subway and bus stations cannot be found everywhere. So, unless you prefer walking for hours, you will have to get a car. Bear this in mind before you call to help you with your relocation and with turning a new leaf in a new city.

A man driving a car since moving from NYC to LA will definitely require this.
One thing is for sure, moving from NYC to LA does not mean less traffic.

2. You Will Suddenly Have More Space For Your Money

Well, it goes without saying that living in New York comes with a hefty price tag. And, we are not going to lie, living in Los Angeles can break the bank too. But, in Los Angeles, you will get so much more for your money. That is, you will be able to buy a bigger house or rent a bigger apartment for the same amount of money. What can be better than that?

So, if you plan on moving from NYC to LA soon, do not worry about decluttering your home. You will not have to decide what to bring with you and what to leave behind. There is no need to worry about getting rid of extra stuff. In your new home in LA, you will have plenty of space for all of your belongings and probably more. Just make sure to find movers in central Queens so that they can properly pack and transfer all of your belongings to LA.

3. You Will Have to Live The ‘Beach Life’ after Moving from NYC to LA

The first thing you will notice when moving from NYC to LA is that everyone around you enjoys the beach life. Your LA cousins, your colleagues, neighbors, everybody will ask you to join them at the beach. People here love relaxing at the beach. Well, who can blame them? There is nothing more relaxing than listening to the waves. But, LA beaches are quite different from the NY ones. You will see that there is no trash and no crowds. So, when you settle in and have a weekend off, try to fit in with you LA neighbors and join them at the beach. That is a great way to connect with your new neighbors. You will also notice that everyone there has a tan. And, coming from NY, you will probably be the whitest person out there.

A woman jumping on the beach.
Do not forget to pack your flip flops and a bathing suit when moving to LA.

4. Everyone Is Into ‘Fitness and Healthy Food’

We all know that New York stands for living the fast life. And the saying ‘ if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere’ is more than true. Because of that, people have to work a lot and not pay much attention to their health. Thus, you will see a lot of fast food stores and junk food chains. However, after moving from NYC to LA you will notice that LA people pay much more attention to their health, both physical and emotional. You will see soo many health food stores, and a countless number of gyms and fitness trainers. Everyone here is obsessed with looking the best way they can. So, if you plan on moving from NYC to LA, you will have to say goodbye to your unhealthy habits and embrace a healthier lifestyle. But, do not worry, staying fit after moving to LA is going to be quite easy.

A woman exercising on the street.
If you want to fit in into the LA lifestyle, better find a healthy hobby.

5. Be Prepared For a Different Kind Of Fashion

While walking the streets of New York you have probably seen a lot of people looking like they are on the red carpet. Well, most of them feel like that. Most women wear high heels, and expensive accessories paired with beautiful makeup while most men wear suits and always look posh and professional. This is a picture you see both in movies and in the real New York life. But, once you step in LA, this situation will change. People do not care about fashion that much. This is partly because of that previously mentioned ‘beach life’ mindest and partly because everyone appreciates a more laid back kind of life. You will see women wearing sandals and maxi dresses, and many dressed up all casually. So, when moving from NYC to LA, remind yourself that you will not have to dress up like you are on the movies set, every day.

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